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Bob Laszewski speaks to many groups each year. These meetings include physicians, hospital executives, employer benefit managers, insurer leaders, and investors.
Most groups are interested in a Bob's perspective on the changing U.S. health care system including the impact the 2020 presidential election will have on the system, the outlook for Obamacare, the evolution in employer-provided benefits, the movement to alternative systems of payment and the impact that will have on providers, and the short-and long-term changes the federal deficit will have on health care.
Never have we seen so much simultaneous change in the health care markets. Just as we are in the midst of the latest national policy debate, health care providers are faced with the prospect of having to adapt to entirely new methods of payment and consolidation. Employers have also come to a crossroads in providing benefits to their workers in the face of political efforts to grow the role of government in the system.
Which of these trends will survive, which will remain but evolve more slowly, and what will the market look like in the years to come?
These audiences are also interested in Bob's inside the beltway perspective. Will the Democrats sweep into office in 2020 and entirely remake our system? Will Republicans repeal Obamacare or ultimately work with Democrats to improve it? What will the courts ultimately do to the law and what impact would judicial action have on the marketplace?
Bob Laszewski's perspective is unique because he has twenty years of experience in the health care market and twenty years experience as a Washington, DC insider.